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New Releases!! 2/22

Tak: A Beautiful Game

Tak is a two-player abstract strategy game dreamed up by Pat Rothfuss in `The Wise Man`s Fear` and made reality by James Ernest. A pure abstract game in the same family as Chess, Go, and Mancala, players in Tak attempt to make a road of their pieces connecting two opposite sides of the board.


Star Wars LCG: Power of the Force Force Pack

Just as the Force moves throughout the entire galaxy, binding and connecting all lifeforms, there`s a new spark of rebellion moving across the galaxy. In Power of the Force, the fifth Force Pack in the Opposition Cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game, you`ll find plenty of new Specter cards reaching across affiliations, even as other cards play into the feuds between factions. With a completely new fate card focusing on Specter units, and iconic characters and vehicles like Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, the Ghost, and `Howlrunner` joining the game, there`s never been a better time to declare your allegiance and join the fight for the galaxy.


Android Netrunner LCG: Daedalus Complex Data Pack

Start Seeing Red! Android: Netrunner goes to Mars with Daedalus Complex, the first Data Pack in the Red Sand Cycle. Named after the foundation for a space elevator similar to the Beanstalk on earth, Daedalus Complex introduces sixty cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) that explore the red planet`s rugged, semi-lawless nature and the myriad opportunities for cybercrime that exist among its different factions. New run events, resources, ice, assets, and upgrades permit a variety of deck types, as does a new Weyland identity.



New Releases!! 2/14

Dungeons & Dragons Assault of the Gaints Board Game

A Dungeons & Dragons board game designed by Andrew Parks, Assault of the Giants challenges 2-6 players to command one of the six types of giants and claim the right to rule over all giantkind. Command giants and assault settlements to score points and secure important resources, including food, treasure, ore, and runes. Also, pursue special agendas based upon their race - Storm Giants seek to restore their lost monarch, King Hekaton, Cloud Giants covet an ancient dragon treasure trove, and Hill Giants crave an abundance of food with which to feed their massive leader, Chief Guh.

Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set

The Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set features fan-favorite characters like Iron Man, War Machine, Howard Stark, and Rescue, and reveals versions of Iron Man`s armor never-before-seen in Dice Masters! Introducing new spins on eight Marvel heroes (and their dice!), the Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set leads the way to blazing dice battles!